Japan trip September 2017

4th Day In Japan. Day Trip To Osaka.

Sunday, September 17th, 2017

Getting to Osaka Station

We got up in the morning and ate breakfast.  I asked Abby one more time if she was going to come or not.  She decided not to come with us.  She was only in Japan for four days so she wanted to make the most of it.  I understood.  So Dana and I went to Kyoto station.  We had to ask the information desk on which train to take to Osaka station.  Then we found our train and we were off.

We arrived in Osaka station and we decided to to take another train.  We had to go one more stop and I wasn’t sure how to get to the church by walking.  We don’t have the internet on our phone unless we have Wi-Fi.  We got on one of the trains that we thought we needed.  My screenshot of Google maps said to take the train to one stop and get off.  So We did that.  When we got off and read the sign, we realized we were at the wrong station.  We didn’t understand what we did wrong so we asked the guy that was working the platform how we can get to the station we need.  We found out what we did wrong.  We were on the express train.  We needed the local train.  The express will skip stops and we missed our stop.  Once we figured that out we got on the right train and finally arrived at our destination.

Mustard Seed Church 

The church was right across the station.  We were only a few minutes late.  They were already singing when we got in.  So we found some seats and started to sing along.  They had a projector on the screen that showed the words with English and Japanese.  But when they started singing in Japanese the screen will show Japanese first then English.  I found this a little different compared to Taiwan.  New Life will show English, Chinese, and Romanization.  I can read Romanization and I thought they would have that too.  But at Mustard Seed, they only have Japanese writing and English.  I was sad.  I couldn’t try to sing along very well in Japanese.

After service, we found out that they were having a potluck today.  We lucked out.  We got free food!!  Can’t say no to free food.  We talked to a girl that was from America.  Her name is Julia and she is in the JET program.  What a coincidence.  Dana is trying to get into the JET program and here at the church is someone that is in the program.  We got our food and we sat with Julia and another girl name Vivian.  She is from Taipei, Taiwan.  She is on a work visa for three months working in sales.  We chatted for little bet about Taiwan and how it compares to Japan.  After we were done eating, we asked what we could do nearby.  Julia recommended Dotonbori.  She said there are a lot of shops and food there.  Plenty to do and see around there.  She said it’s near Osaka station.  So now we know what we are going to do now.  Off to Dontonbori.


We walked back to Osaka station and walked around the station first to see what we could find.  We found so much Delishes food in the area.  We were drooling over all the wax food set up in the display case.  But we just ate and decided to get the parfaits.  It was so good!!!  I love ice cream and Japan is big on eating ice cream and sweets.  Here is a picture of a wax figures parfaits.

After we got done eating desert we walked around some more.  We found Dontonori and I didn’t know what expect.  I didn’t know anything about this shopping area and when we got there I was surprised.  There were so so so much food and shops everywhere.  We walked around for most of the time there.  We saw a big video game arcade place.  Someone was playing Dance Dance Revolution and there was a big crowd watching the guy.  After a few hours of walking we ended up back at the arcade place and he was still going at it.  I was surprised that he was still there and still going strong.

Capsule Toys

We also found a capsule place.  There where so many choices of capsules to pick from.  You could get some anime capsule toys or key chains, small food toys, Halloween Pokemon toys, Hello Kitty keychain or toy, and so on.  I found the Halloween Pokemon toys and just had to have one.  Most capsule toys cost 200yen or 300yen.  It’s a lot of fun and I got addicted real fast.  I found a Sailor Moon keychain capsule machine.  I grew up watching Sailor Moon and just for 200yen, you can get a Sailor Moon keychain.  I figured I would just get one Sailor Moon keychain.  Once the capsule came out of the machine I opened it up and I received Sailor Jupiter.  My favorite character because I love the color green.  Then I wanted another one.  Its only 200yen, it’s no big deal.  Well, by the time I was done I ended up with three Sailor Jupiter’s, two Sailor Mars, two Sailor Venues, one Sailor Moon, and one Luna.  I spent a little over $20 dollars on this.  Haha. I had to walk away before I spent more.  Those capsule machines are addicting.


We started getting hungry again so we walked around for a little bit.  Dana wanted to try this shop that she saw on YouTube. So we walked around for a little bit and we found one of the shops that she has been wanting try.  It was an Okonomiyaki shop.  We sat down next to the bar area and looked at the menu.  It has Japanese and English.  We decided to share our food so she got the Okonomiyaki and I order Takoyaki.  It was so good and filling.  I’m glad we shared our two dishes.  Yum Yum!!!


Host Boys!!

After dinner, we walked around some more.  We found a bridge and took some pictures of it.  Then I notice a really big poster on a building that was advertising handsome men and I realized it was a host club.  I only read articles about host and hostess.  Also, seen anime and Japan drama that showed Host and Hostess and what they may or may not do, but I never thought I would see one myself.  Actually, I forgot all about the host clubs in Japan.  Once I saw the picture all my memories about host clubs started flooding back to me.  Usually if you see these signs there is a host club nearby.  I started getting nervous.  I told Dana about the poster and how there might be a host club nearby.  We started walking down another street and there they were.  There were two of them standing near the intersection.  I got really nervous.  I was like, this can not be happening.  I’m seeing them in real life.  It was star stuck.  Realizing these people are real and not just a fantasy.  I got to nerves to keep going so I Dana and I turned around and headed back where we came from.


Host Boys Poster


Getting Home

We took the train back to Kyoto.  We were very tired.  We got back to Kyoto around 11.  As we were walking back to our Hostel, I realized, I didn’t know how to get back in.  The staff lock the door at 11.  Dana couldn’t remember either.  We both remember something about using our key card but couldn’t remember where to use it at.  Maybe on the door or some side entrance, we didn’t know.  Once we got to the hostel the staff were still inside.  We were both relieved.  We tried to open the door, but of course, it was locked.  The staff opened the door and told us to use our key cards next time.  We told her we didn’t know where to use the key card at.  She pointed to a padlock on the side wall and showed us how to use it.  Haha. That was a little embarrassing.  But we got in the hostel just fine and got around for bed.

Hope you enjoyed the story.  Sorry for being so behind.  That’s why I’m writing dates at the top of the blog so you will know what day this all took place.  So much has happened and I have so much to write about.  Remember, if you want to see more pictures from the trip to Japan, and get some spoilers from the pictures of what I’ve been up to, just go to my facebook blog page and have a look.  Write again soon, I hope.


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