Japan trip September 2017

6th Day In Kyoto, Japan

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017
Rest Day
Dana and I woke up this morning and decided to take a rest day. We were so tired from sightseeing every day and going to two or three places in one day. We had some breakfast and since we are planning on staying in the hostel, we decided to do our launder. Now you would think doing launder in another country wouldn’t be too much of a problem.
Laundry Time
Well, the washing machine was smaller. That means more money for the company because you will have to do more loads. It cost 300yen to do one load. About $3 dollars in American money. Once I was in the laundry room and read the directions that they had posted in English. I realized there wasn’t any laundry soap. I went to the front desk and there was a women clerk there and I asked her about laundry soap. She told me that I don’t need laundry soap because the washing machine will automatically put soap into the machine. I said thank you and went back into the laundry room. I put my clothes in, put the 300yen in the machine, and pushed start. Once I closed the lid I notice another difference about the washing machine. It aromatically locks the lid. You can’t open the lid once you close it. You have to wait tell the washing machine is done before it will open the lid back up. I thought to myself that I hope I didn’t forget anything because it’s not going to get cleaned now.
The dryer machine wasn’t so difficult. The dryer machine cost 100yen, about $1 dollar, and I just through my clothes in there, shut the door, and pushed start. Both machines take about 30 minutes. There is a whiteboard on the side of the machine where you write your name, time, date, and your card key number. This lets the staff know who cloths they are if you forget to take them out. They even have a note on the bulletin board in the laundry room. The note says if you forget to take your clothes out they will put the clothes in a basket and put their own clothes in. Sounds reasonable to me. I have to do that in Taiwan too. If you forget to get your clothes but your basket is seating there, they will put your clothes in your basket and leave it there just so they can get their clothes washed.
Finding lunch
In the afternoon, we got hungry and we decided to check out Kyoto Station for some food. In the station, there is a map of all the different restaurants inside the station and what floor they are on. We looked at the map and found a store that served the main dish and some different side dishes on one big tray. It looked really good from the picture so we decided to hunt this place down. The map said the restaurant was on floor B1. We went looking for B1 and it turned out to be more difficult to find then we thought. We walk around for about 30 minutes but none of the stairs or escalators went to B1. We couldn’t even find the elevator. So we went to the information desk. There was a woman there that knew English and we told her we were trying to find B1. She thought we meant the bus station and was asking which bus station we are looking for. We tried again to tell her we are looking for B1. She still didn’t understand. Dana was able to remember the word floor in Japanese and it took the women a moment but she finally understood that we were trying to find floor B1, not the bus station. She pulled out a map for us and told us we had to go on the other side of the station and there will be some stairs that we can use to get to B1 but then we have to go down a hallway and there will be a subway station. We need to pass the subway station and keep walking. There will be a door on our left and that will take us to the food area. Took us a little bit but we finally found the restaurant that we saw on the map.
We got in the restaurant and took our seats. They gave us an English mean and everything looked good. They had orange chicken, beef, pork, and so on and most of the side dish came with a salad, radish, and the daily dessert. I went with the orange chicken and it came with tofu. Dana got the same thing as me. When our food arrived it looked so good. The orange chicken didn’t taste the same like in America. It was very soft. It wasn’t chewy or crunchy, just soft with orange sauce on it. My tofu was covered with a brown sauce of some sort, can’t really describe the taste, and then I had my rice, Japanese style salad, radish, and mango pudding. It was all very delouses. It was such a good lunch.



After lunch, we walked around the floor B1 and found some more delouses restaurants and cafes. Everything looks so good to eat. After we were done walking around, we went to the shopping mall that was across the street called Asty. It was a nice shopping mall. It has clothes, jewelry, kitchenware, stationary stores, and a small grocery store. Not much for fruit or vegetables, but it had stuff for your home and snacks. Lots and lots of snacks. I bought some snacks for my sister and myself. Then I bought some more souvenirs for my family. After we got done there we went to the top floor and once you get off the escalator you see an Anima store. This was like a dream come true for me. I’ve never seen an Anima store before and always wanted to go into one. In the Anima store, they have all the latest anime collection toys, dolls, key chains, buttons, folders, stickers, trading cards, posters, DVD’s, CDs and manga books. I only knew a few of the anima because I don’t keep up with it like I used to. I didn’t buy anything because I wasn’t crazy about collecting things like this anymore. It was interesting to see and I highly recommend going to one when you get a chance.


Anima Shop

CoCo Curry
After we were done looking around the shopping mall we headed back to our hostel and just relaxed. Dinner came around and we were both hungry again. We both wanted to check out a place called CoCo Curry. We both heard about this place from our favorite Youtuber, Simon and Martina, and in one of their YouTube video’s they go to CoCo Curry and talk about how to order and things. There was a CoCo Curry near our hostel and we just walked over there. There was a menu outside on the wall, and we checked it out. I decided to get the fried pork curry and Dana wanted to get the fried cheese one. I would compare the fried cheese one with cheese sticks but it was one big one. We went inside and we both talked about what level of spiciness we wanted to try. The highest level is 10 and we both decided to try level 7. We placed our order and waited for our food to come.


Our food came pretty quickly and we were both excited.  I tried mine first and I found my curry not to be very spicy at all. I thought maybe if I took another bite it might get better but it didn’t. It seemed to be regular level spic to me but I thought I said level 7. I wasn’t sure and I just kept eating. But Dana, on the other hand, was struggling. It was very spicy for her and she kept needing to drink water. I didn’t understand. Why was I ok with level seven and she wasn’t. I was joking with her about how I can handle my level seven just fine. Then she had me try hers. After I took that first bite I finally realized my plate was not a level seven. Her curry was very spicy. I couldn’t even handle it. I started drinking a lot of water with her and I only had one bite. Then it occurred to me. On Simon and Martia’s channel, they did talk about how if they see a caucasian person they won’t give you the level you want. They think it will be too spicy for you and just give you regular spicy level. That’s what happened to me. We looked at our receipt, and the receipt said one level seven for Dana and regular spic level for me. Even though I said level seven. This is the first time where they stereotype me based on my look and take action, that I was ok with. Level seven was too spicy for me and I wouldn’t have been able to finish my plate. Dana couldn’t even finish her plate. Usually, I get annoyed when people stereotype things about me because I’m caucasion looking but this is the first time that I’m grateful they did. It was an interesting experience.
Hope you enjoyed the blog. Please, have a look at my facebook fan page and see my pictures from my travels in Japan. See you again soon.

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