Why I’m Moving To Japan

Sorry for the long break. A lot of things have been happening and I just got too busy to even write about anything. But from what you can see in the title, you can imagine why I have been so busy lately. Hope this blog post can give you some understanding.

Why Am I Writing This Blog Post?
Well, I’m writing this blog because I know I’m going to get a lot of questions asking, ‘why are you leaving Taiwan? I thought you Love Taiwan!!’ ‘Do you not like Taiwan anymore?’ Well, I hope I can answerer all those questions that any of my friends or family members might have right now.

Love For Taiwan
Taiwan is such an amazing place and I still love Taiwan very much. I moved to Taiwan in April 2013, after my one year stays in Thailand, my sister told me about Taiwan and I figured I would just stay for one year. Almost five years later, I have grown to love the people here, the food, the culture, and so much more. I’m so comfortable here in Taiwan. I have amazing friends that I can hang out with, I have an amazing church that I call home, and I love the food!!!! I’ve had my ups and downs just like anyone else when it comes to living overseas but I always felt Taiwan was the second home to me. But the Lord has other plans that I didn’t see coming.

Japan Trip
As some of you already know, I visited Japan for two weeks. Most of it spent in Kyoto and a few days in Osaka. I’ve always been thinking about coming to Japan since last year and I thought I would just visit Japan. I didn’t have any planes to live in Japan. I thought about it, but I love my comfortable life in Taiwan that I didn’t want to leave. So I figured I would just visit Japan. I didn’t know when I should go but I felt the holy spirit telling me I should go in September. I didn’t know why it had to be September but that was what was in my heart. So I did some flight searching and found a really good deal on a flight to Japan that I couldn’t pass up. I only had to pay a little over 7,000nt ($233US) for a round-trip ticket from Kaohsiung to Osaka. Most of the time when I was looking at flights for other dates or months, the price was always between 20,000NT to 30,000NT ($665-1,000 US). I pay over 30,000NT ($1,000US) just for a round trip tick to America and back to see my family. That flight takes about over 16 hours. And the airline wants me to pay that same price that is only 3 hours to Japan? I don’t think so. So as you can image, I was very happy to see this ticket that was only 7,000NT ($233US). I prayed about it for three days first to make sure this is what the Lord wanted me to do and the ticket was still available after three days. So I booked it!!! I was so happy that I would be going to Japan finally.

Up and Down Emotions
While I was in Japan for two weeks, from what you read from my other blog post about Japan, you know that I was having a great time, staying busy, and exploring everything that I could for my two weeks. What I didn’t mention to say in my blog post is that I was suffering emotionally. Something in my heart was telling me I had to stay. It was such a heavy feeling that I was getting very emotional and crying sometimes at night over it. I knew if I stayed I would have to give up my comfortable life in Taiwan. I would have to give up my friends, church, my apartment that I love so much, the food. I was not ready to leave my comfortable life yet just to move to another country that I knew very little about. Sure, I read all about Japan from the internet and what my life would be like if I stayed in Japan, but I didn’t feel like I was ready yet. I was holding on to my conferment zone in Taiwan. If I move to Japan, I would have to re-learn how to live a new everyday life. Some of those differences would be where to go grocery shopping, instead of riding a scooter I have to ride a bike, different work ethics, re-learning what is the polite things to do in Japan, how to wash my clothes, taking out the trash and recyclables, learn some of the basic Japanese language and try not to say Chinese, (I would get strange looks when I would say ‘thank you’ in Chinese instead of Japanese) and so on. I already learned how to do all these things in Taiwan and now I have to do it all over again. This strong emotion was very powerful and I didn’t know why at the time.

After I got back to Taiwan I started reflecting on my trip to Japan and wondered why was this emotion so powerful during my whole trip in Japan. While I was blogging my trip in Japan, it helped me reflect on it a lot better and I came to realize a few things. One thing was I was able to introduce a girl from America to a church in Osaka. She is trying to get into the JET program and what a coincident, the church that I took her too had someone there that was already in the JET program. This girl planed on helping my friend out on getting into the JET program. I don’t think that was coincident. Another thing that happened during my stay in Japan was I took a cooking class. And while we were setting up the table for dinner, the chef asked me if I was a Christian and if I was, she wanted me to pray for everyone at the table. None of these women that came to this cooking class was a Christian. No one knew how to pray, bow their heads, or anything. The chef that even asked me to pray wasn’t even a Christian. Another coincident, I don’t think so. After reflecting on all of this I came to a conclusion that the Lord wants me to help plant some seeds in Japan. I have no clue how, no clue where, no clue where my job will be. But the Lord wants me to go to Japan so I can’t say no to what the Lord wants. Even though I have no clue what I am doing but with the Lord guidance, I know everything will be ok. I just have to give up my conferment and friends in Taiwan. That’s not going to be easy.

Finding A Job
This decision was not easy but with prayer, reflection, and guides from friends, I decided to start looking for a job in Japan. To get a work visa, you have to have a job that will sponsor you. So the search began. I applied to several jobs through Indeed that connected me to GaijinPot. I started applying in October. At the end of October, I had three job interviews lined up. I decided to go with a group called Friends English School in Morioka, Iwate. It’s in the north part of Japan where they get lots of snow. Not my ideal place, but I felt the Holy Spirit pulling me towards this school. I’ve been living in Kaohsiung where the temperature never goes below 60. I haven’t seen snow for almost 6 years, and now I have to go back to freezing cold weather. Should be fun. (Not really.) I will just have to adapt again. Blah… But the Lord wants me there and I won’t go against what the Lord wants me to do. Jonah ran away when the Lord told him to go do something and look what happened to him. He got swallowed by a fish!! Just saying. I would rather do what the Lord wants instead of what I want. Even though it’s not easy, but I’m not going against the Lord.

I’m Realy Going To Japan
So now my visa stuff is done, my plane ticket is booked, and now the packing and selling my stuff begins. Also, my departure date for Japan is December 28th. I want to celebrate the New Years in Japan. Also, to get my baring and figure out where everything is at. I start my new job on January 4th. On my birthday!! That’s exciting. Starting a new job on my birthday. Can’t wait.
That’s pretty much everything. Hope this clears some of the questions that my friends and family will have for me. And pray that everything goes well and I try to do my best with the Lord’s help in a new country.

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