Have you ever had this crazy idea and it actually became a reality? Well, that’s what happened to me. I left home to find a new home. Just… on the other side of the world. I know, crazy, who does that. Well, apparently I do and I have never regretted it. Hello, my names Arita and I love traveling!!!! Right now I’m living in Taiwan in a city called Kaohsiung. Love it here. But I’ve been to some other places as well and I would like to share some of my experience from those trips and how it all got put together. I also will talk about my current up coming trips as well. But not just traveling to other countries. Also traveling around Taiwan. My other passion is hiking. Hiking is such an addiction. I will try to post once a week on my up coming adventures. Also, I have a small dog named Tabatha. She’s not a real dog but she is my small travel buddy.

Enjoy the read!!!!