Weekly/Bi-weekly Report (Japan)

Weekly/Bi-weekly Report (Japan) #5

January 17th, 2018

Settling Down

My life in Japan is somewhat settling down now. I’m getting used to my new job and the area around me. We got about a foot of snow the other day and I had to shovel a pathway at the school. I haven’t shoveled snow since I left America in 2012. But since my life is settling down also means less crazy stuff is happening and also means I’m running out of things to write about. I will have to start writing about some of my hiking again soon and my first trip to Japan. Anyway, in this report, I’m going to be talking about some problems that I had with just trying to buy milk. Who knew trying to buy milk could be difficult. Hope you enjoy.
Milk Switch
Part of living overseas, that I have had some problems with, is trying to buy things at the store that I use every day. For example milk. It shouldn’t be that hard to buy milk. But when everything is written in another language and you don’t have internet, that makes shopping for food a little more difficult. Depending which country you are in, you can sometimes find things that you recognize. For example, eggs, milk, meat, can food and so on. But sometimes even that can be difficult. In Taiwan, I discovered that there are many different kinds of milk. There is soy milk, peanut milk, chocolate milk, drinkable yogurt that looks like milk, and so on. But it’s all written in Chinese and I didn’t know which one I should get. The same thing happened here. I like to drink 1% milk, but since I have no clue what the kanji writing is for 1% milk is, I just try to go with any milk that I can get CIMG9698that isn’t peanut milk, soy milk, or yogurt milk. Well, the first carton of milk that I found was blue and had a picture of a cow on it. I was about to buy that one but then I saw a green color carton that looked like milk on it. It was next to the carton that has a cow on it and I just figured that the green carton might be 1% milk. Because usually you would put 2%, 1%, skim milk next to each other. That was my thinking so I grabbed the suppose 1% milk and went to check out of the store. The next day I went and grabbed what I thought was milk and opened it up. There was a smell to the carton that was not normal for milk. It had a yogurt smell to it. Once I poured it into a glass I could really smell the yogurt then. I took and a sip and it turned out to be yogurt. Now I have to go back to the store and get the carton that had the cow on it and hope that is regular milk. (Which later on that day the carton with a picture of the cow is the 2% milk)
Hope you enjoyed the short read. It’s not very long like my other posts but I’m still writing about what happened last Sunday with my new friends from church, what we ate, and where we went. I try to get that done soon. Tell then, you can always read my other posts or take a look at my other pictures on Instagram or my Facebook blog. Have a wonderful week.